Vision - Mission - Values


Bold : Be bold, and go after opportunities, to make an impact in today's world.

Excellence : Insists on excellence, which improves quality, reduce cost and risk, and drives innovation.

Trustworthy : Trus is key in establishing relationships. Our reputation depends on consistently deliver on our promises and to earn and keep the trust of our shareholders.

Accountability : Signals our ability to make and keep commitments. We get out into the market to listen, observe and learn for to deliver high performance.


Our goal as BETA is to be one of the most important foundation stones of the Turkish economy and one of the most reputable establishments in the electrical & electronics sector, which exemplified by its competitors with offering reliable and quality services in Turkey and all over the world.


We build a better society by reflecting our positive energy to our stakeholders, focusing on sustainable business.

To accomplish this, we have decided to create trusted, flexible, innovative business enviroment to our vendors, partners, clients and employees.